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Osprey, Loch of the Lowes, Perthshire, Scotland

Welcome to Wildoutdoors!

Red squirrel, eagle and seal composite.

We take you to see lots of interesting wildlife in their natural environment, including:

A Real Variety of Scottish Wildlife

Loch Eribol, Scotland. Sea and mountain scene.

We include all aspects of wildlife from the smallest mammal to the highest trees and have ornithological knowledge at a local level.

What makes our holidays unique is:

What Makes Wildoutdoors Different?

Wildoutdoors specialises in wildlife holidays throughout Scotland. Established in 2002, our guides have an intimate knowledge of the best places to find wildlife and enjoy the wilderness of Scotland.

We aim to give everyone a unique experience by visiting quiet, remote locations away from the tourist crowds to discover wildlife in its natural environment. We help you explore and understand ecology and wildlife and will guide you on a discovery with a wealth of wildlife experiences, from wild coastal beaches to high mountain tops.

We also offer wildlife talks and presentations about Scottish wildlife in the winter months.

These include mammal talks on Scottish wildcats, pine martens and other mammals as well as botanical talks on Scottish wildlflowers and habitats including the Caledonian pinewoods, peatlands and Scottish mountain environments including potential impacts by windfarms, hydro schemes and other developments.